5 Ways Braintapping Can Improve Workforce Wellness

February 8, 2021

As organizations worldwide continue to navigate the “new normal” of working (mostly) remotely through a global pandemic, many are experiencing unprecedented hardship both company-wide and at the individual level. This can take a huge toll on your workforce’s mental and physical health – decreased motivation, increased stress levels, lagging engagement with work – which, in turn, can lead to serious, long-term ramifications for the future of your company. 

According to a recent survey of 1,000 Americans published by TELUS International, a vast majority of workers (80%) would consider quitting their current position for a job that focused more on employees’ mental health. Research also indicates that 75% of U.S. workers have struggled at work due to anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and other recent world events.

More worrying results from the survey: 

  • 4 out of 5 workers find it hard to “shut off” in the evenings
  • Over half of respondents have taken a “mental health day” since they started working from home
  • 97% say that vacation days while working from home are important for “recharging” – in other words: mental health
  • Half of the respondents cite that their sleep patterns have been interrupted due to anxiety, and 45% say they feel less healthy mentally while working from home

Employers don’t have to let anxiety and stress ruin productivity, however. Nearly all of the respondents said that it was important that companies prioritize workers’ mental health. 

Our team at Brain Health Sciences recognizes and empathizes with this need for greater focus on mental health in the workplace and believes leaders should be equipped with the tools and guidance necessary to implement these corporate wellness initiatives

This is why we are thrilled to share the latest, groundbreaking technology to improve your organization’s morale and overall wellbeing. Rooted in brain health, BrainTap™ is a science-backed, holistic program that will reinvigorate and empower your workforce to reach — and exceed — their professional goals. 

Interested to hear more? Here are 5 Ways BrainTap Can Improve Workforce Wellness:

1. Braintap sessions improve focus, memory, and cognition.

Many of us awaken each day with far more tasks on our to-do list than we could ever possibly accomplish. On top of that, workers are confronted with constant interruptions— texts, notifications, phone calls, Zoom invites, co-workers; the cycle is never-ending. Our brain’s way of coping with overwhelm is to ramp up stress-inducing brain waves and suppress those that would normally relax you. 

Braintapping reboots and resets the brain, optimizing it for peak performance and, in doing so, improves the way brains focus, process information, and solve problems. 


2. Braintapping supports clear decision-making and time-management. 

While braintapping reboots the brain, what it’s actually doing is returning the brain to full-spectrum brainwave activity. This brainwave diversity makes users feel less stressed and more calm, focused, and attentive. Braintapping sessions only take 10 to 20 minutes out of the day, and the level of productivity they will provide you and your colleagues will save you loads of time down the road. 

When the brain is in stress mode, all one can do is react, which can lead to poor decision-making. Once brainwaves are balanced, the user regains access to the part of their brain that allows them to think things through — leading them to make better decisions. By utilizing BrainTap, users will be able to respond more appropriately to anything that comes up – good or bad. When your team’s brains are balanced, so are their moods, which will help everyone become less reactionary. 


3. Braintapping sets the stage for good health. 

When individuals take the time for braintapping each day, they give their bodies and minds a chance to rejuvenate and heal. In addition to reducing stress, braintapping helps people get the restorative sleep they need. When we sleep properly, our bodies do a better job of detoxifying and building strong immune systems. It also makes it far easier to kick bad habits like smoking or overeating. This healthier, more energetic workforce gets sick less and accomplishes far more, leading everyone down a career path of success. 


4. Braintapping reconnects us to our intuition. 

When people get stressed out, it’s almost always because their thoughts are either rooted in the past, where they experience guilt, shame and resentment, or the future, where they tend to ruminate on our fears. Braintapping brings us all into the present. It creates a balanced brain that doesn’t dwell on negative emotions and is capable of seeing the big picture. 

An optimized brain that stays in the present moment will look to the past for wisdom and guidance, and then plan for the future, thus removing the fear of the unknown. 


5. Braintapping reawakens creativity and imagination.

Albert Einstein said that he came up with the theory of relativity by imagining himself riding into space on a moonbeam. Einstein was also known to be a whole-brain thinker. In other words, he could be analytical and, at the same time, wildly imaginative and creative. When braintapping, brainwave activity becomes incredibly diverse, transporting users to this whole-brain state (also called a “flow state”), where we’re our most authentically creative and innovative selves.


Are you starting to see why taking 10 to 20 minutes a day to relax, reboot, and strengthen your team’s brains is so worthwhile? The brain is capable of learning, growth, and change throughout the entire life-cycle. That short break you and your colleagues take each day will create new neural structures and whole-brain balance, allowing your team to live a happier, healthier, more productive life each day.

Whether your team is struggling with daily productivity, stressing over work/life balance, needs a boost in creativity, or wants to gain clarity on their professional goals to drive success for both personal and organizational success – Brain Health Sciences is equipped to build a program optimized to your company’s distinct needs. With 170 unique BrainTap™ sessions to choose from, we will work with your team to ensure you and your team are on the path to reaching your peak potential while improving overall mental wellbeing. Contact us today.

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