Four New Year’s Resolutions for Your Brain Health

December 24, 2020

As December begins to wind down, many of us are beginning to look at the coming year and consider the ways we might improve our quality of life. We encourage this; it’s an ideal time to take stock of the areas of your life that could benefit from some subtle shifts in perspective, as well as new habits. There are endless ways you can support your brain health in 2021; take a look at four of our favorites!

Get your body moving
A recent study published by the American Academy of Neurology indicates that aerobic exercise may play a significant role in reversing and preventing cognitive decline. We often associate aerobic exercise with cardiovascular health, but it turns out that the two are more closely linked than most of us realize. Particularly when combined with a heart-healthy diet, even a little exercise each day can result in significantly improved brain function in less than six months. Remember that the goal is sustainability; there’s no need to start training for a marathon. Even a leisurely walk each day will improve your brain health over time. Set a goal you know you can achieve. Quick successes will strengthen your motivation, and you can always set new goals as you gain strength and endurance.

Get your mind moving
Make time every day for intentional mental activity. At this point in history, we have many options available to us that put our minds on autopilot, and much of our free time is spent doing those things. We can watch television or scroll through social media accounts for an unlimited amount of time, activities that require very little concentration or active comprehension. To keep our brains healthy, we must exercise our mental muscles. Like any other muscle, if they go unused too often or for too long, our minds can atrophy over time. Flex those muscles by doing crossword puzzles in the morning, having a long conversation with someone you love, playing a strategy-based board game with your kids, or picking up a good book before bed. Making use of your mind will keep it sharp.

Prioritize sleep
Our brains do some of their best work while we are at rest. As we move through the various stages of sleep, the brain does many critical jobs: clearing waste, filing memories, and categorizing knowledge are just a few. Getting enough quality sleep isn’t only about providing our body with necessary rest; it also gives our brain time to do the full scope of its work. Here are a few simple ways to improve your sleep in the coming year:
Maintain a cool, dark, silent environment in which to sleep.
Turn your electronic devices off one hour before bedtime.
Switch to decaffeinated beverages after lunch, or eliminate them entirely if you’re particularly sensitive to caffeine.

Practice mindfulness
Mindfulness is simply an exercise in paying attention. It’s easy to go through our days with little awareness of our surroundings, our senses, and even our feelings. Mindfulness is the intentional practice of noticing what’s happening right in front of you, in this very moment. Mindfulness can be done as a meditation. For those who have a tough time clearing their minds during meditation, a mindfulness approach can be helpful; it allows them to notice their thoughts without attempting to control or stifle them. Mindfulness can also extend far beyond the meditation cushion. Every single moment can be approached from a place of awareness. When you’re going for a walk, you might pay attention to the way the breeze feels on your skin or the smell of the air around you. You might notice the sound your feet make as they hit the ground. The purpose of mindfulness is to bring you into the present moment; it can serve as a brain-break from multitasking and analysis. It is also useful in training your mind to follow your command, rather than the other way around.

In addition to these approaches, the Brain Health Sciences team would love to partner with you on the road to optimal brain health! We have developed both a Personal Wellness and Professional Achievement bundle, each available via our app on your IOS or Android device, aimed at helping you improve the health and function of your brain. We would love to provide you with resources for increased wellness as you begin thinking about how you want to feel a year from now. Go to today and consider how we might help you reach your goals in 2021!

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