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What BrainTap customers have to say

"I’ve been using BrainTap technology over a year. It has helped me deal w depression and anxiety. I often use it for 3 x a day. I had a hip replacement 4 months ago, there are some excellent pre-op and post-op sessions. I highly recommend this product."
"I started using the BrainTap to control my ADHD, and the results were nothing short of amazing. I was skeptical of the technology at first, then tried it through a wellness center near me, and it worked better than my antipsychotic medications on the first try, so I bought myself a BrainTap headset and now I am able to focus on things without getting distracted. I would highly recommend it to the world."
"I started using BrainTap to help me sleep better, I did. Then I continued to use it daily for guided meditations and learn from the hundreds of topics that I have an interest in. I believe that I wouldn't be sleeping as well as I experience the stressors in our world."
"This product has helped me with my stress and anxiety. It has also helped me to sleep much better. I own my own headset and love the freedom to use it whenever I want, especially around bedtime. Anyone thinking about this product, I would highly recommend it, it has changed my life."